Night Flare at TLV FW ’17


A new era for fashion house Galia Lahav has begun… we created our first made to order evening collection and we are more than THRILLED! A brief moment after presenting our couture Spring Summer // 2017 collection, in Paris,  we presented the Night Flare collection at Tel-Aviv Fashion Week, which is our home base, and where Galia Lahav draws her main creative essence from.

Night Flare collection was inspired by the most prestigious nightlife scene and exclusive urban culture in New York and Japan. Clubs such as Candyland Nightclub, delivers a unique experience that stretches the boundaries of our senses. In this context, our collection challenges the way eveningwear “should” look like; how a garment can be perceived in many layers, reaching a new purpose, only by being present in time and space, subjected to flashes of lights and point of views. Like looking through a Kaleidoscope, where observed objects are varying within a slight change of an angle, lights reflected on mirrors, creating an abundance of symmetrical shapes and colors… Then the music chimes in, creating a rhythm. In this new era of multi-screens, multi-options of perceptions, platforms for creating a new sense of you, we offer you to take a look, choose your style and dive in!

We found our well known sexy signature that characterizes the fashion house, but this time, from a different angle; The Made-to-order collection combines traditional hand-made dresses, as close to couture as possible, a range of large and studded jackets, painted by hand, vivid colors such as navy blue, blazing reds, bubble gum and blush pinks, and, embroideries of angular and geometric patterns. You’ll find a range of soft total looks of chiffon silks, with each and every garment getting a substantial emphasis on small details and, meticulous finishes, alongside a rough look expressed by leather skirts, unusually located cleavages and, body defining silhouettes.

Watch the full show and keep posted for our newest surprises coming soon…