Ivory Tower by Galia Lahav


We’re starting off the new year by unveiling our last hidden treasure ! Our new campaign collection “The Ivory Tower“, crafted with art & love and inspired from the gothic & romantic middle ages setting is made for the modern bride of today and tomorrow!

We already gave you a taste of it a few months ago during our Fashion Show in NYC for the Bridal Market. Here’s a recap of the runway in case you missed it!

All our dresses are hand-crafted  and adorned by floral motifs, beaded features, and vaporous French Laces that weave stories drawn from an era that is the beginning of romanticism as we know it.

1605 - Gwen F

1607 - Aurora B

1603 - Elizabeth F + Train


Dusty Ivory and dewy Blush create depths in levels of textured fabrics that take us into a dream world of swirling gowns and endless trains.

1609 - Flavia Z

1609 - Flavia F + 1612 Elise Cape

1606 - Delphine F

French Laces and Silk Tulles are accentuated with embroidered details, reminiscent of Gothic Roses, and Rose window.
1604 - Diana B + Train
1601 - Victoria - B

Hints of Gold are reminders of the periods’ illuminated manuscripts, and their detailed illustrations. Among that silhouettes and forms inspired by Gothic architecture, offers the modern bride a variety of dresses fit for a Queen.With this new collection Galia Lahav envisions her brides as princesses of a new era, ruling their Ivory Tower and running the show.

1608 - Morgan F