Galia Lahav Bride: Linsey


Meet our lovely bride, Linsey who got married in Italy. I had the delight of working on Linsey’s gown hand-making her a Suzanne dress perfect for this occasion. I asked my beautiful Linsey some questions in regards to her wedding and I was touched with what I found. Here is what she had to say:

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What was the deciding factor when it came to picking out your gown?

The deciding factor had to be tons of detail. I’m all about the tiny details & I knew Galia Lahav’s work is nothing BUT detail.

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What were you looking for with your dress?

Romantic, & vintage inspired. Sexy but still classy. I wanted the poof, but also fitted at the same time. I was lucky enough to meet one of the designers, Sharon, at the time of my first bridal appointment. I chose the ‘Suzanne’ style dress and together we tweaked with the color, added some extra glam & made it it’s own one of a kind gown. It was simply stunning and he went over and beyond my vision! I am still so grateful.

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How did you meet your husband?

Angelo and I met each other out one night. He was observing an argument between myself, and a guy cousin of mine. Whispering to me across the bar, Angelo asked if my cousin was my boyfriend, and I disgustingly shook my head “No!” haha After a few attempts of getting me to walk towards him, we met each other half way. Best walk I’ve ever made! He was a true gentlemen. Even tried to save me from my big-bad cousin that night

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How did you know he was the one?

We always had fun together, and laughed a lot. I knew there was something special about him right away. He was polite & respectful, and oh-so handsome! I wanted to keep him forever. I think laughter is a key essential to a successful relationship.

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How did he propose to you?

As a Christmas present last year, Angelo surprised me with an upcoming trip to Italy. Nine months later, on our second night in Rome, he surprised me again by getting down on one knee in front of the Trevi Fountain. Everyone around was cheering and taking pictures. It was unforgettable & such a special night for us.


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What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My goodness, the whole day was just a dream! I loved how my gown looked dangling over my terrace in the sunlight with Positano’s enchanting village painting the sky behind it. I loved riding through the town with my father on the way to our ceremony as people were congratulating us and taking photos. I loved walking down the isle and finally seeing my husband for the first time, and how stunning all my bridesmaids looked standing up there. We thoroughly enjoyed all of our family and friends that day, being it was such an intimate wedding. Best idea we’ve ever had, was to get married in Italy!