Galia Lahav presented her newest luxury “ready to wear” collection at the 2016 New York Bridal Fashion Week, GALA III, which takes a stroll along the lines of innovation to the wedding gown expectation. Where as each gown is greatly unique and precise in its own individual way, with a full appetite of bohemian inspiration in each work of art.
The GALA III is strongly inspired by the Bohemian unconventional lifestyle and is dedicated to the Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. As Fellini knew his way in Blending fantasy, baroque images and earthiness, so is our whimsical “BOBO” collection; You’ll find a handful of fabrics, silhouettes, laces and senses of style that redefines the term “wedding outfits”. The “bohemians” such as us the DREAMERS, were known for pursuing a musical, artistic and literary livelihood… So, in this context, our collection is suit for adventurers and aspiring brides-to-be that seek a fashion ‘arcane enlightenment’. The Color palette is a mixture of Pink Blush, Silver linings and Ivory and Milky-white laces, alongside trendy unconventional cuts.

GALA 812 side back

GALA 812 front

GALA 811 Jumpsuit with no bag front

GALA 811 Jumpsuit side back

GALA 811 Jumpsuit front 2

GALA 810 front

GALA 810 side back

GALA 810 back

GALA 809 side back

GALA 809 front

GALA 807 front

GALA 807 back 2

GALA 807 back

GALA 806 side back

GALA 806 front

GALA 805 back

GALA 805.1 from Galia Lahav on Vimeo.

GALA 804 side

GALA 804 back

GALA 803 front

GALA 803 back

GALA 802 mid-front

GALA 802 front full

GALA 802 back

GALA 801 front

GALA 801 back