Introducing the Newest GALA: Collection No. V


After months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest GALA line, collection No. 5, which we presented at NYC Bridal Market this past weekend.  Consistent with our newest Couture line, Florence by Night, GALA No. 5 sought to continue the exploration of the intangible of the five senses. For GALA No. 5, Galia Lahav was inspired by bringing the rhythm, crescendos and the symphony of sounds to life.  Under the assumption that a woman’s soundtrack reveals as much about her style as her scent,  the GALA No. 5 collection aims to please any bride looking to strut and dance down the runway to her own beat.  The dresses in this collection focus on allowing expressive moment, with of course, a high quality and fashion-forward aesthetic.