Bride of the Week: Monica Rosario


Our #GLbride of the week is the beautiful Monica Rosario. She wore a customized Suzanne dress from the Homage To The Sizzling 1920’s collection and looked absolutely radiant. 

Monica met her husband, Bernard, in college at Virginia State University. They had a lot in common and were friends for all four years of college. Not only were they both part of a historically black lifelong fraternity and sorority, but they also were in ROTC together and were commissioned as 2LT into the army. After being friends for four years, Monica finally gained the courage to “slide into his DM’s” at their VSU homecoming in 2014.  From there, the rest was history.

Their relationship wasn’t always easy.  Monica and Bernard not only served in the military together, but also fought and overcame cancer.  Therefore, when they finally had their 7-day cruise wedding with their 75 closest friends, there wasn’t a dry eye in the venue.

Given that Monica is a project officer in the Military, she was in-charge of the entire wedding planning from ground up. Both Monica and her husband have experience planning and executing major events, so they embraced their planning as a laid-back “no brainer”.  They did everything themselves- Monica said that she made Bernard rent a whole Uhaul trailer just so that they could get all the décor, gifts, shirts, and suit cases all the way from Florida to Missouri!

The couple knew they wanted something unique and new for their wedding, and a wedding that required their family and friends to commit to a 7-day cruised seemed like the perfect idea. Being as cruises are the couple’s favourite style vacation, they knew it would be perfect.  All their friends from childhood, to army to college and all the various places they had lived came together to celebrate. Everyone got to know one another the first four days of the trip, and by the time of the wedding ceremony on the fifth day, it was like everyone was family.  Monica said all their friends and family spoke emotionally about their relationship and that it was the best way to have begun their marriage.

Overall, Monica and Bernard had the best experience at their wedding. They loved having all their family and friends together for the entire duration of the cruise, and they couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Wishing all the best to our new #GLcouple, Monica and Bernard!