Bride Of The Week: Stephanie Duncan


Our beautiful GLbride of the week is: Stephanie Duncan. She wore the Arabella from Le Secret Royal collection and looked as romantic as it can get and resembled her personality perfectly!
Stephanie and Will met while they were in high school. They never talked to each other until 11th year where they started dating, went to the 11th and 12th year ball together and the rest is history… their 10th year anniversary was on their wedding day and that is exactly why they chose that date (does it sound like a Disney love story or what?)
On a random Wednesday, Stephanie was almost leaving their house when suddenly Will stopped her and told her “don’t go to work today” and he eventually convinced her that she didn’t have to go on that day. Stephanie messaged her boss and she just told her to have a good day… so suddenly everybody besides Stephanie knew that Will had prepared a whole surprise that afternoon for her. They went shopping for new clothes and bathers (although Stephanie says it was very strange). They got home and he told her to pack a suitcase… and when they got to the airport, Will told Stephanie they were going to Fiji for 5 days (SAY WHATTTTT?) They stayed at an amazing resort and he proposed on the first night on a sunset dinner on the beach. Stephanie told us “it was safe to say I was into him… So I’m glad he didn’t wait until the end of the trip” (LOL.)
After such an unforgettable trip and proposal, Stephanie had to find her perfect dress. She had followed us for a long time and loved our dresses. She didn’t find many options in Perth and flew out to Sydney with her mom and mother in law to go shopping and tried many stores, but she flew back to Perth without her perfect dress. A couple of weeks later, Dion For Brides announced they were having a Trunk Show and Stephanie called them and immediately requested the Arabella gown. They were great and got it in for her! At her fitting, she put it on and LOVED it and when she found out it had pockets, the deal was done (she loves pockets). And if that wasn’t enough, she turned around to see her mom teary and she knew she HAD FOUND THE ONE!
Stephanie describes her wedding as the most incredible experience ever: “on the day everything melts away and there is just so much love and friendship and complete bliss.”
Her favorite part, of course, was marrying her dream man, celebrating with her family and friends, walking down the aisle with her dad, embracing her mom for all the hard work she put in, celebrating a new family and getting to eat good food and wine all the same time (wow, my kind of party). The only thing she would change is asking Mother Nature to turn it down a little, it was a scolding 40-degree Celsius, however, it was still perfect!
When we interviewed Stephanie, she gave us a few points that we definitely had to mention: Will’s mother made their incredible 8 tier wedding cake and her dad made the swing it sat on. Thankfully it didn’t come crashing down or there could have been a family feud. Second, everybody told Stephanie NOT to have an ice cream van at their wedding (she is obsessed with ice cream), however, on the day, due to the weather, they all said the ice cream van was the best thing ever (really, who wouldn’t want an ice cream van at their wedding?). Finally, Will’s family is Norwegian and they have a tradition that everyone must take a shot of Akavit together, so they made everyone get up from their tables and dance around to crazy Norwegian music while doing their shot.
This wedding sounds like a unique and unforgettable one and we hope the best and long-lasting happiness for the #GLcouple!