Bride of the Week: Sarah Looger


Our beautiful GLbride of the week is Sarah Looger. She wore the amazing Victoria gown from the Ivory Tower collection and here is her story!

How did she meet her husband? Sarah describes it as a very silly story and very cliche but also very true. A few years ago, she had a few issues with the house she was living in and Chris was the guy that was sent over to fix it. Although he was very handsome, he was very respectful in every way. As Sarah showed him all the issues with the house, they talked about her dog, who would not leave him alone. After about 2 hours, he spent a total of 30 minutes working on the house and the remaining time they just chatted about animals. As time went by, they discovered how much they cared about each other and decided to go out on a date. Sarah says she had never met a more honest, good hearted and humble man in her life. He made her feel safe and secure at all times. Sarah says that Chris’ ability to stay calm in every situation allowed her to relax, which is a difficult thing to do. After about 2 years, they decided to take their first “vacation” together to Cape Cod and instantly knew they would be together forever. She booked the last whale watching boat ride of the season, but as they were walking down the down, the boat started to leave. As she was on the verge of tears in the middle of the pier, he sat next to her and calmly tells her that they will find something else to do and everything was going to be ok. The next morning, they booked a private sunrise seal watching excursion through the hotel that easily made up for a crowded freezing boat to watch whales off in the distance and she just knew that Chris was the one, that there is something about him that always keeps her calm!

So after they got engaged, she actually said yes to a different designer dress first at a different salon. After about a month of disliking her original choice, she decided to look around and fell in love with the Victoria gown. The gold metal necklace and the halter top had her very interested but the gold leather belt and delicate lacing made her schedule an appointment. From the moment she called Ivory Bridal Atelier she knew she was making the right decision. They were very sweet and booked an appointment for her to try on as many Galia Lahav dresses as she wanted. She picked up a few dresses but put on the Victoria gown first and Sarah fell in love. After a few moments, she picked her jaw up off the floor (LOL) and tried on 10 or more amazing dresses. It came down to the Victoria and the Roxanne. She couldn’t make a decision but after a few hours, they went back to the store and needless to say, the Victoria was the first and the last dress she tried on that day and never looked back!

She loved absolutely everything about her wedding. Everything was planned down to the minute and it was all recorded effortlessly. They had their lovely dog as their “Ring Polar-Bearer”, she loved the ceremony where she heard Chris’ vows and she felt every word because he meant every word.

Sounds like the perfect couple and the perfect wedding and we wished this beautiful GLcouple the best of luck and forever love!