Bride Of The Week: Sandra Ayala


Our beautiful GL bride of the week is: Sandra Ayala. She wore the amazing Delphine gown from the Ivory Tower collection and this is a story you definitely have to read!

Sandra and Zachary have known each other since kids. His parents and her parents have been business related fro more than 20 years and even though they knew of each other’s existence, they were never friends. Around the age of 15, she was working at her parents’ restaurant and he was working with his dad at the shopping center where the restaurant was located so they would see each other Monday through Friday, every week. Sandra says she hated taking his order because she would be so nervous!! Years later, Sandra opened a business and needed renovations so she hired Zachary. He was working there for 9 months already and never spoke to her about anything else than work. Finally, on Cinco de Mayo festivities, she received a random message from him asking if her friends and she would like to meet at a party. Sandra kept her crush secret for so long, that on that night she just had to tell someone because she was so EXCITED! She went and when she got introduced to Zach’s friends they all started saying “oh, so you’re Sandra, we’ve heard so much about you!” (OMG so many years and no one said anything?) Later that night, they sat and had the most amazon conversation, he expressed his feelings for her and confessed that he had always had a crush on her and that he could never speak because he was always so nervous. According to Sandra, it was the best day of her life during that time!

After dating for a while, Zach’s friends started to plan a trip, but in reality, it was all Zach’s idea since he had booked a cabin months before and made it seem like it was his friends’ idea. They arrived at the place and had a lot of fun exploring the mountains and enjoying the outdoors. The next day, they went hiking and they were enjoying the view when suddenly…. Zach got down on one leg and BAM, he took out a ring! Sandra was in complete shock, she was speechless and she couldn’t even hear what he was saying. After some time, she just heard “so is that a yes baby, cause my knee is starting to hurt” (LOL this is so funny). Behind them, their friends had a big banner that said “Sandra, will you marry me”. Everything was planned perfectly and started to put the pieces together like finding champagne in her sister’s backpack and thinking she was an alcoholic hahaha. Sandra described it as a truly magical moment that was even captured by a drone.

So after having a dream proposal, she started losing at dresses in Instagram and found Galia Lahav and it was like the platform knew what she was looking for. She fell in love with every dress and after 3 days, she made an appointment at our flagship store in LA. Her family picked out dresses for her and couldn’t find the special one until they showed her the #Delphine dress and WOW, she told us she was mesmerized. Instantly everyone knew it was the one and she added something on the top to make it the perfect Cathedral style and it was exactly as Sandra imagined it and more!

Then everything was just PERFECT. The wedding day turned out exactly as they wished for. They even had a donut wall that Zach made, they had framed decorated with flowers hanging on trees that Zach also built, a surprise dance with the groomsmen and bridesmaids, funny props and much more. She loved every single moment of it and it was like a dream! Lastly, Sandra told us that she is blessed to be married to the man of her dreams with a beautiful gown she would only dream of and that she wouldn’t change anything from that day!