Bride of the Week: Nicole Grigg


Our #GLbride of the week is Nicole Grigg. This beautiful bride wore the #Norma gown from the #TalesOfTheJazzAge

Who doesn’t love to hear a good love story about two best friends falling madly in love with one another and end up living happily ever after? We know we do!

Nicole and Devin were destined for each other since the beginning.
They used to be neighbors and went to the same schools for years but they didn’t meet until they were both in high school. The feeling between them was immediate and they became best friends really quick. And because love conquers all, they started dating a year later and that’s when their story begun.

Nine years later, they were on a trip in Southern California celebrating Nicole’s birthday and it was during the sunset that Devin took one of the most important decisions of his life: spending eternity with the woman he truly loves. Nicole could not have been happier and as soon as she got home she started fishing for the perfect dress.

For such a task, Pinterest quickly became her ally and made her fall in love all over again, but this time, it was with Galia Lahav dresses. Without wasting any more time, she decided to call the nearest shop that carried Galia Lahav dresses and immediately made an appointment at Kinsley James Couture Bridal.

Once she got to the store, she decided to check out multiple dresses and despite going to some other salons, Galia Lahav is the only one that made her feel like a real princess. She tried on a few dresses and took some pictures, but the same dress kept coming back on her mind: the #Norma. She knew in an instant that it was the one for her. It was everything she wished for: it was elegant, unique and it was like it was waiting for her all along.
The detailed hand beading of the low back, to the sparkle layer of fabric and the fact that it was blush and not white, was just the perfect match.

The wedding took place in the summer, under the sun and the clearest blue sky. Besides being best friends, Devin and Nicole were now husband and wife and it was the best feeling in the world.
They felt so lucky to share this magic moment with all of their friends and family, the ones who have truly been supporting them all along. The most precious memory Nicole and Devin kept from that day, is the fact that Nicole’s grandmother was able to follow the wedding from a few states away via Facebook (what technology has done is something incredible). Knowing that she was able to witness their wedding just before she passed was the best gift they could have wished for.

This perfect moment would not have been the same without Galia Lahav. The employees of the Kinsley James take such good care of her that she knew without any doubt that the dress will be perfect. They even gave her the best feeling in the world by including her in the design process and let her customize the dress to her exact vision. Despite that, she decided to keep it the way it was because it was already exactly what she wanted.

However, Nicole couldn’t help but wonders how they were going to find a tie that would match her unique dress. And then again, Galia Lahav proved to be the best by delivering the most perfect tie which was made with some extra fabric of Nicole’s dress. Everyone at the wedding kept asking her where this unique tie could come from and she tirelessly kept telling the same story. She was really thankful to Galia Lahav for it.

After going through the whole experience, there is nothing that Nicole would have changed. Her experience with trying on, purchasing, customizing and finally ordering the dress was even better than what she expected. She just couldn’t wait to see the final result and be able to finally wear it, and when the moment finally happened, it took her breath away.

What Nicole’s enjoyed the most while planning the wedding was thinking of all the little details that would make her guest feel like they were a part of her love story with Devin.

Nicole’s wedding was everything and more of what she could have imagined, and as crazy as it may sound, not a single detail went wrong.
Devin and Nicole couldn’t be more thankful to the people that contributed to making their most precious dream come true.