Bride Of The Week: Melissa Kam


Our beautiful GLbride of the week is: Melissa Kam. She wore a custom made Victoria gown from the Ivory Tower collection and looked absolutely stunning!
Melissa and Stephen were first introduced at their friends’ house at a party. At that time, Stephen and Melissa were actually seeing different people. They both had seen each other out (quite often) but they would just exchange little waves here and there, they could never have guessed something could come out of it! Then, they both ended at a mutual friend’s birthday party which was all day and at first, they didn’t talk much, but really got to know each other at a bar (while they were bar hopping of course) and things started to lighten up… that night is when Melissa and Stephen shared their first kiss and the rest is history!!
Melissa and Stephen love to travel and he had to attend a work trip in DC, so they decided to make a weekend trip out of it. On their flight to DC, Melissa saw a weird little black box in Stephen’s briefcase and she asked him what it was. As a smart guy, Stephen told Melissa it was a box for his Bluetooth (you can really see Melissa doesn’t like surprises LOL). On their trip, they attended a brunch and he was very adamant on going to the Botanical Gardens, which even the concierge suggested to visit. Melissa didn’t quite understand why he wanted to go so bad to the gardens since it was winter (LOLLL), and she could tell he was acting really weird and walking slowly. He kept making comments how the plants look dead and maybe they should go check out the inside of the gardens. Melissa didn’t understand why Stephen was on the phone all the time so she went to the bathroom (he was actually talking to the photographer, soon cute) and then they started walking again. Suddenly, Stephen told Melissa to turn around and he was on one knee and she went into complete shock mode! Melissa couldn’t react so Stephen stood up and started walking towards her and asked: “will you marry me?” again. She is still not sure until this day if she actually said “yes”, but she couldn’t stop crying and she had never been so excited in her life! Melissa just kept jumping up and down like a little girl filled with joy!
Now, Melissa had to find her perfect dress. She kept seeing our gowns on Instagram so she went to try on dresses in Dallas, where she lives and kept finding herself loving Galia Lahav (yeiiii). She missed the trunk show, so she flew to Boca Raton to the amazing Boca Raton Bridal & Consultants. Sine the was getting married in Cabo, she knew she wanted something that was breathable on top on a long train and a long veil. After trying on multiple dresses, the last one she tried on happened to be the one she bout. She seriously felt like a princess in the dress and knew right then and there that it was it, she had FOUND THE DRESS!
Her wedding was exactly like she imagined it and her amazing team made it happen, in Cabo, a beautiful location. She cannot decide which was her favorite part (how can someone decide really). She told us that it was nice to have her wedding photos afterward where she could actually go back and see all the details she missed since she was occupied the day of the wedding. It was the best feeling ever before they pronounced them husband and wife and when the minister told them to turn around and look at the crowd who had traveled there because they love us (we LOVE destination weddings). Melissa says they are very blessed to have some awesome friends and family.
Melissa says her wedding was even more than what she dreamed. It was the most magnificent day of her life. Growing up you always dream of having a wedding that is magical and hers was accomplished!
Photos by Ana & Jerome