Bride of the Week: Liz Zadro


Our beautiful GLbride of the Week is Liz Zadro. She wore the amazing Navona gown from LaDolceVita collection and she irradiated happiness.

This amazing love story started during summer athletic training on campus at UCLA, a few track guys walked up to a few soccer girls and asked if they could join in on their game of pick-up soccer. Liz and Mark met with a simple handshake, she put him on the opposite team, and a significantly lower quality game of pickup continued. The first thing he noticed about Liz was that she was a lefty, and for her, it was his deep booming voice and larger than life lips. After two years of dating, they took a trip to Antigua and he surprised her with a sunset dinner on the beach for two, with rose petals, torch lights, and champagne…for an early birthday dinner. With a new sense of independence, a lob haircut and bright pink manicure later, they went to Mastro’s Steakhouse for their anniversary a month later and to Liz’s surprise, she was greeted with roses and a poem in the menu. When she looked up, he was on a knee and their whirlwind year and a half of wedding planning started.

Due to their busy work and personal lives, Mark and Liz decided to not rush the wedding date and there by not rush the wedding planning process. It opens up a lot of opportunities and options when you do that, and it allowed them to get their dream location at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast, along with their favorite vendors. The style was sophisticated Italian garden with a twist of Restoration Hardware. Alongside the sweeping ocean views and grand Italian structures and ballroom, they didn’t need to overwhelm to space with florals or décor to achieve their look.

Liz’s favorite part of wedding planning was the venue hunting, the dress fittings, and the tastings. She says that when you are searching for a venue, you have to envision the day, the feeling, and the style to see if it’s a fit for you. It’s fun to look creatively at the venue to see how you will make it your own. The dress plays a part in this as well. Some dresses can get swallowed up in a grand extravagant venue, while others can topple over a rustic more scenic landscape. Liz fell in love with an Israeli designer Galia Lahav’s work through social media hunting for wedding inspiration. Luckily a boutique down the street, The White Dress, had some of her designs and after trying on many of them it was tough to decide on her favorite, but the #Navona was the winner. Liz told us that one of the things she loved about working with Galia Lahav is that they make the dress for you. Every inch, measurement, piece of fabric is tailored to enhance your body within the design of the dress. That being said, that also leaves creative room to add your own personal twist to the gown. With a larger than life alter, she added material to make the train even bigger. Liz also added applique to the neckline to make it a little softer on her figure and at the end… it was PERFECT for her!

Liz had a lot of thoughts on her mind and she described this one for us: “with such an amazing vendor team and planner, the details of the day were not a point of stress for me. However, the one aspect I was uncertain of was my visceral response to waking up on my wedding day. It is typically a day high up on the lifetime ranking of amazing days in any marriage, so would I be Calm? Floating along with the day, oblivious to the unforeseen details that could inevitably go wrong. Or more likely Nervous? I have a history of feeling physically ill when I’m overcome with nerves.”

To her surprise, she was actually indescribably excited. Thrilled to be exact. Most people say the day flies by. Therefore, her goal was to be present in every single moment so she could appreciate everything. From their flower girl refusing to throw petals, her maid of honor dropping the rings right before the vows, her sister in law breaking it down on the dance floor to their 12 piece band (who was an absolute hit), the delicious mushroom risotto and filet paired with her favorite champagne in the world, to them slicing the cake wrong and hitting the plastic structure, the day was perfect and they enjoyed every minute.

Liz snuck away with her new husband to steal a kiss and some sunset photos under their beautiful rotunda one last time before they had a flower petal exit and white Rolls Royce sweep them away to their honeymoon suite. New last name in tow of course.