Bride of the Week: Asha Chohan


Galia Lahav’s bride of the week is: Asha Chohan. This beautiful GL bride wore our very own Victoria gown from the Ivory Tower Collection.

Asha met her husband about nine years ago and since then, they could not keep their eyes off each other. They both went out to a popular bar in Toronto and crossed paths a couple of times during the night but they didn’t make any move. When the night was close to conclude, they ended up having an amazing conversation, exchanged numbers and since then… their lives changed FOREVER!

The proposal was a complete surprise for Asha, and she did not see it coming AT ALL! She told us Marc has always been very sweet and he always plans the best surprises for her (that is really sweet). He even designed the engagement ring months before without her having any clue (how can men keep the secret for soooooo long?).

On a casual Sunday after they both returned from a vacation in Europe from Asha’s sister wedding, they went out for a brunch at their favorite breakfast spot. After the brunch, Marc asked her to go for a walk through High Park, which is one of the biggest green spaces in Toronto. They walked around the park looking for the perfect spot, and eventually ended up at a spot in the park they had been to a few times before. The minute they sat, Marc got down on his knee and asked Asha to be his wife! Asha was so surprised at the moment that she even asked Marc to please reenact the whole proposal speech when they got home so she could take it all in (there should be someone filming every proposal so we can see it again and again whenever we want right?)

When Asha went out of the shock, she knew she had to find her perfect dress. She told us she probably went to every bridal store in the city in search for her ideal dress and tried on at least 50 gowns (I think we can all relate, how hard it must be!!!!!!). Asha was consistently disappointed with every dress she saw and felt hopeless in her search. One day her friend and bridesmaid Shauna came across the Galia Lahav’s amazing Victoria gown from the Ivory Tower collection and the moment she showed her the gown, Asha knew that was going to be the dress she will marry Marc in!! Not only that, a Trunk Show was just happening in Toronto at the White Bridal Boutique… so it was all FATE! As soon as she tried on the dress she just knew she HAD TO HAVE IT! Asha mentioned that it was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen and that it was the first gown that made her feel like a real bride and that is the moment she SAID YES TO THE DRESS!

Asha describes her wedding as a complete fairytale. They got married just down the street from their home in a beautiful Castle called Casa Loma. They kept their wedding relatively intimate with only their family and close friends. It was a bright and sunny day with the perfect weather for cocktails on the terrace taking in the Toronto skyline after their ceremony in the garden room. Every aspect of her wedding day exceeded their expectations and she said her GL dress made her feel AMAZING!

Asha loved her experience with the Galia Lahav brand from start to finish. The girls at the White Bridal Boutique were very sweet, kind and helpful… they even Facetimed the one and only Galia to show her how the dress fitted on Asha and took pictures to share with the designer.

Lastly, Asha mentioned to us that she did not really ever dream about her wedding prior to getting engaged with Marc. After the engagement, they both decided that Casa Loma was the ultimate dream venue for them and that they were so lucky to be able to make it work. Ultimately, their wedding day was beyond anything they could ever dream and it was truly a magical day that will be remembered FOREVER!