Bride of the Week: Adina Puleo


Galia Lahav’s bride of the week is: Adina Puleo. This beautiful GL bride wore our very own #Giselle gown from the Homage to the Sizzling 1920’s Collection.

We are living in the new era of the Internet, social media and dating apps… and this is the place where this beautiful bride met the love of her life. Adina met her husband online 12 years ago (before it was cool she describes it). On their first date, he took her out for a night in town, which included a Broadway show and a delicious dinner. After that, it was all magic, sparkles, and love. She told us she knew he was the one when she honestly could not imagine herself without him in her life (as romantic as it can get right?)

After being together for 10 years, her husband came up with an elaborate plan to propose to her on National TV (whatttttttttt????? courageous man we shall admit). Unfortunately, the idea fell through and he then decided de would do it over a romantic dinner in the city. However, that night they got stuck at home due to a horrible blizzard. At the end of the day, he called Adina into a room in their apartment. She was in pajamas and he was wearing sweatpants… he got down on one knee and proposed to her. It wasn’t anything he had planned, but it was completely unexpected and Adina described it as PERFECT and of course she said yes, undoubtedly!

After she said yes to the man, what made her say yes to the dress? She had a vision for what she would wear on her wedding day, something timeless and sexy. In a sea of gown images on Pinterest, she was immediately drawn to Galia’s uniquely exquisite designs of couture dresses- specifically the stunning Giselle. She went to Bridal Reflections and as soon as she entered the store, she ran directly to the Galia Lahav rack. Having picked out a couple of gowns she adored, she asked the sales associate for the dress in a photo she had of the Giselle gown. As fate would have it, her mother had already picked out that very gown for her to try it on. Meant to be, choosing Giselle as her wedding gown was an absolute no-brainer!

Adina wore the Giselle gown and did not felt like a princess… she felt REGAL, she felt like a queen. Her wedding was amazing and the day and night went by extremely quickly, but through it all, she felt like she was walking on clouds! The highlight of her special day was their first look before the wedding ceremony. The moment he laid eyes on Adina in all her bridal regalia, he gasped as happy tears formed in his eyes. Seeing all of that emotion in this eyes, she said it was the moment that made all of the meticulous planning absolutely worth it.

This beautiful bride told us she would not change anything from her wedding, neither the part where her husband felt off the chair while they were being lifted up due to the Jewish wedding traditions during the ‘Horas’ (that should have been really funny lol.) Adina illustrated her wedding as the most magical and happiest day of her life (and it actually was a dream come true.)

Congratulations to this beautiful couple, we wish you the best in the world!