Bride Of The Week: Rachael Reese


Our beautiful GLbride of the week is: Rachael Reese. She wore the GALA 710 gown from the GALA Collection No. II and looked like a real-life fairytale.

Rachel first met her now husband, Ryan, in law school by not knowing the answer to a question in class. While always prepared to be randomly called on during her 8 am civil procedures class with 70 students, Rachael found that the one day she was actually called on she was completely stumped. After struggling while the professor asked her question after question, Rachael was relieved to hear a voice behind her whisper an answer. She trusted it, and turned around to thank the mystery man, who ended up being Ryan.

After that, the two dated for almost four years.  After completing law school, the couple had a serious talk about their future, and if they should spend money on buying a home or an engagement ring.  They decided to purchase a house.  Then one Labor Day weekend, Rachael and Ryan made plans to go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with some friends. Although Rachael begged Ryan to fly, Ryan insisted on driving the entire eight hour trip.  A few days into the trip, their group of friends decided to go take some pictures down by the beach at night. Then, in the middle of all the photographs being taken, Ryan stuck a ring on Rachael’s finger and asked her to marry him! Later on, Ryan told her he was so nervous he didn’t even realize he hadn’t asked the question- and Rachael had to remind him to get on his knees! Their entire group had known that this was going to happen and had been in on the surprise since day one. The entire proposal was filmed on video and captured on photos. After, there was a celebratory dinner that had been planned for weeks.

Rachael discovered Galia Lahav through the TV show the Bachelor, when Jade wore Galia Lahav to her wedding to Tanner.   Rachael was obsessed with Jade’s dress, so as soon as she discovered the designer, she began following GL on Instagram.  Rachael had her mom follow the Instagram as well, and one day Rachael’s mom sent her a photo of the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. As Rachael shopped dresses, the GALA 710 always lingered in her mind.  Rachael scheduled a girl’s weekend to NYC and visited Bridal Reflections where she finally tried it on. She knew it was the one when her, her mom, her sister and her friend all started crying when they saw her in it.

Rachael and Ryan finally got married at the First Presbyterian Church in St. Petersburg, Florida.   Their wedding was on New Years Eve, so it was as black tie and elegant as possible. They had new years themed decorations, hats, party favors, etc.  Their DJ helped them do a midnight countdown and the city of St. Petersburg puts on an AMAZING firework show every year that they got to experience with all their guests. It was magical.

Overall, Rachael’s favorite part of the night was getting to spend an entire night with her friends, celebrating and bringing in the new year.  Rachael loved all the intimate details she set up for the big day for her bridesmaid and husband because it was like watching little kids on Christmas morning as they unwrapped gifts and saw all the things she had planned for so long. It was more than she could ever have imagined!

Congrats to this amazing #GLcouple, Rachael and Ryan. Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness!