Bride Of The Week: Liron Smuk


Our beautiful GLbride of the week is: Liron Smuk. She wore the GALA 602 gown from the GALA Collection No. I and looked like an absolute goddess.

It all began with a Facebook chat.

Liron’s now husband, Aviad, initially reached out to her after seeing a photo of her with one of his friends on Facebook, and from their the conversation took off.  Their first date was in the evening at a local cafe, and it was immediately obvious that they had a connection.

After five years of dating, Liron was certain that Aviad would propose on her birthday.  When her birthday came and went, Liron was figured she would have to wait until the following year. However, five days after her birthday, Aviad, told Liron he was taking her to an opening year party for his work.  Not suspecting anything, Liron arrived with Aviad at Tzuki Shefayim, an area in Israel that overlooks the sea, and immediately saw candles, balloons, flowers, canaries and photographers. She knew what was coming next.

Then the dress shopping began! Liron started by visiting all the main designers in Israel. She tried on over 50 beautiful dresses, but nothing seemed to be just right. Finally, she visited the Galia Lahav flagship store in Tel Aviv. She tried on the beautiful GALA 602, and instantly knew it was the flattering, luxurious and tastefully designed piece she had been searching for all along. Right on the spot, Liron told her mother that she was ready to take the dress home with her.

The wedding took place at a beautiful venue, Ahuzat Sandrin Hall, in Moshav Regba, Israel, overlooking fields of flowers and green trees.  The hupa took place in the garden, and the reception was held inside the venue hall.  While there was no real theme, Liron wanted the evening to be connected with flowers, since her dress was embroidered with flowers, and the venue had a gorgeous flower wall and a garden rich with white flowers. While the evening was absolutely beautiful, Liron said her favourite part was dancing all night long with her family and friends. Overall, Liron said her wedding was everything she had hoped and dreamed: it was happy, beautiful and designed to reflect her personal style with the dress she loved. Most importantly, it was the day she married her best friend.

Congrats to this amazing #GLcouple, Liron and Aviad. Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness!