Bride Of The Week: Kimberly Weglin


Our beautiful GLbride of the week is: Kimberly Weglin. She wore the Lily Rose gown from the Le Secret Royal collection and completely rocked her wedding day look.

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Kimberly met her husband, Ryan, while she was highlining in San Francisco over a line called “Unicorn Graveyard” (casual, right?).  It was only Kimberly’s second time highlining, but Ryan asked her if she was attending the GGBY festival (the biggest highline and base jumping festival in the USA), and offered her a spot in his car. Although hesitant, Kimberly accepted the offer, thinking of it not as a date, but as a new slackliner friend!

A few weeks later, Ryan invited Kimberly to another slackline festival in Lodi, where he lived. Kimberly agreed, but little did she know that Ryan was the only slack liner in Loti, and therefore, there wasn’t really much of a festival. Ryan and his friend, Justin, scrambled to put something together, to make Kimberly think she was attending a real slackline festival. At the end of the day, Justin slyly said he had a long drive home, leaving Kimberly and Ryan alone for dinner.

The GGBY festival was just a few weeks away, so Kimberly and Ryan went on a few more dates to get to know each other more.  Ryan also updated their itinerary. Instead of driving straight to Utah for the festival, Ryan surprised Kimberly with an extensive road trip that entailed going highlighting in Yosemite, a pit stop in Vegas, climbing in Zion, hiking in Arches, all before the GGBY festival. And while that all could have gone horribly wrong for the two almost strangers, it paid off, and they began dating.

Two years later, Kimberly and Ryan found themselves at the same festival where their love affair had begun. The festival was crowded, and the line to get onto the net was long. Kimberly had slept in, and got to the net to find that Ryan had waited all day for their turn in line.  He was equipped with extensive camera gear, claiming he wanted to get their couple photo for the year. Ryan got onto the net and asked Kimberly if she wanted to do acroyoga, so she didn’t think anything was strange when he got down on his knees. Despite all the hollering and cheering around them, Kimberly still had no idea what was going on. Finally, Ryan pulled out 25 cent Walmart rings they had gotten two years before during their pit stop in Vegas on their road trip, and proposed. He didn’t want to worry about dropping the real ring on the spacenet, and wanted to let Kimberly pick out her own ring. (Good choice!)

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Then the dress shopping began! After months of searching, Kimberly still hadn’t found her perfect dress. Finally, she stumbled upon the Kinsley James website and saw the Lily Rose. She literally screamed out loud, “THIS IS IT!” she was so ecstatic that she had found her dream dress! It was perfect for the desert festival she would be getting married at. It was whimsical and ethereal and sexy and elegant. Kimberly said it was the most “me” dress she had ever seen. She went to try it on a week later, and knew it was the one.

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Needless to say, Kimberly and Ryan got married in Moab, Utah, on a hand-woven space net 400 feet above the canyon. Evidently, getting married in the middle of the dessert calls for a lot of weather-related uncertainties.  While they had a wedding date, Kimberly and Ryan also needed to make sure their guests were available a few days both before and after, just incase it was moved due to weather issues. Additionally, Kimberly and Ryan had to create an “aisle” on their spacenet.

To get out onto spacenets, people generally walk the slackline out to them or slide across the slackline (like a zipline) to get to it. However, they had to literally invent a spacenet aisle, make sure it was safe to walk on, and get it rigged closely enough to the cliff in a new location to make sure their guests could hear and see everything and the wireless microphones would work. Most importantly, Kimberly wanted her dad to be able to walk her down the aisle.

Being that her wedding was in the middle of the desert with a weather pending date,  Kimberly struggled to find a make up artist that was willing to work in those conditions. Therefore, she ended up getting ready out of their van, and doing her own makeup!

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Kimberly had a few favorite parts from her wedding day (I mean, how could you not with a wedding like this!) First,  was watching the BASE jumping flower girls from the net as they jumped off the cliff and their parachutes exploded with flower petals. It was beyond magical to see the cliff fill up with petals!  The second was the sunset! Despite it being literally 15 degrees outside, they forgot about the cold for a bit when we saw the incredible sunset. The entire sky was a hue of pink and purple that brought tears to Kimberly’s eyes. The third, and probably the one that sticks out most in her mind, was their first dance.  Since high school, when Kimberly first heard the song Hard to Concentrate, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, she knew it would be her first dance song.

Overall, what Kimberly loved most about planning her wedding was seeing it all come to fruition with the help of their slackline community. They had friends doing aerial arts, making bubbles on the sidelines, playing the wedding music, BASE jumping, helping them cook, helping them shuttle people in and DJing. It was a real testament to what can happen when the community comes together, and it meant so much to Kimberly and Ryan, to know that they have such a strong, loving, hardworking group of people supporting them. As stressful as the planning was at times, Kimberly would remind herself to just breathe and enjoy these busy moments in life because they won’t all be this busy, and she would miss the action when life slows down.

Congrats to this amazing #GLcouple, Kimberly and Ryan. Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness!

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