Bride of the Day: Kirsten


Meet our beautiful German bride, Kristen, who looked really beautiful in our flamboyant floral embroidered Zoé gown, with sheer back details. She sent us amazing pictures of her wedding day that we decided to share with you so that you too can be part of this special moment of her life! For a closer look and more exciting details, enjoy our unique interview with our gorgeous bride!

1.With so many bridal options today, what was the deciding factor when it came to picking out your gown?

When I started looking around, I knew that it will get hard, to find the right dress. Most of the dresses you find here in Germany look pretty normal and unspectacular.While googleing stuff like “back free dresses” I found some of Galia Lahav – and I immediately fell in love. They are so special – I’ve never seen anything like this before. I send some of the pictures to my sister and my best friend – and they agreed –these dresses are incomparable. So, I started looking around where I can buy them. Only ONE (!) store in Germany sells them. I drove the whole way from Essen (West Germany) to Munich (South Germany) round about 600 kilometers. But it was worth it!

2.How did you meet your husband and how did you know he was the one?

I got to know Sebastian in a social network in 2008. We first met in 2009, but we didn’t fell in love. We had contact all over the years (we lived 600 kilometers away from each other) but more or less we just had a loose friendship. After 5 years, we met again at the beginning of 2014. And we immediately fell in love. Sebastian asked me 4 month after we met again, if I would marry him. I just knew he was the one – “when you know it, you know it” as we used to say.

He said the most romantic things I have ever heard.He is so open minded and morally tightened – and he makes me laugh.A while ago I read a quotation: “forever is a long time. Make sure you spend it with someone, who makes you laugh” – so I definitely chose the right one.

3.Where did you get married and can you tell us about your wedding day?

We got married at the 1st of August 2015 in the park of a small castle.Basti and me, we had the same idea of our marriage. We wanted to marry outside, in my hometown, Essen. So his whole family and friends from all over Germany came there to share this wonderful day with us. After the wedding ceremony we wanted to have a great party with our closest friends and our families.I wasn’t nervous at all that day, just looking forward to it. I felt so happy and lucky and lighthearted this day.


4.What was the highlight of your special day?

Everything went right – it was just perfect. The weather was so great, the light was undescribable ,all important people were there – and the best thing: I got married to the love of my life.