Bride of the day: Jessica


For today’s post, we have the infinite pleasure to introduce you to a very special bride who had not one but two weddings! Her name is Jessica and though she is originally Chinese, she grew up in Canada! She had the chance to wore twice our Jasmine gown, first in Maui and the second time in Shanghai, and she looked absolutely divine both times! Without further digression, she opens up about her weddings in a quick interview and shares with us some beautiful pictures of these very special moments!


1. With so many bridal options today, what was the deciding factor when it came to picking out your gown? Did the store took good care of you? Is there anything you would like to mention about it?
I knew the brand Galia Lahav from Instagram and some other social networks. So when I got ready for my wedding I really wanted to have a Galia Lahav dress on my own.
I occasionally saw that Galia Lahav had its trunk show in Tokyo. I emailed the store at once and they were very helpful! T___0327 IMG_1240ps

2. How did you meet your husband and how did you know he was the one?
Both of us are from Vancouver. We are Chinese but we grew up in Canada so we are Canadian as well :). My husband worked in Tokyo so I lived here with him. We were schoolmates from UBC. We also experienced two years long distance relationship. We took flights almost once a month from Vancouver, Shanghai, Hongkong or Tokyo during two years. But finally we made it, which I think made me know that he was the one!


3. Where did you get married and can what you tell us about your wedding day?
We had 2 weddings!The first one occurred at Andaz Wailea in Maui. The 38 guests, our families and friends were from Singapore, Australia, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Germany, Vancouver, Toronto and New York! Some of our friends took more than 10 hours flight to attend our wedding. I appreciated that so much! This might be the most beautiful memory of my Maui Wedding.

T___0213 IMGL0237

The second wedding was at Park Hyatt in Shanghai. More than 150 guests attended our wedding. I wore the traditional Chinese gown in the morning. We had such a fun day!



4. What was the highlight of your special day?

The highlight of my wedding was definitely my Jasmine gown and my 7 bridesmaids. They were all so pretty and helpful.

4. Bridesmaids-3 IMG_1509ps

5. Can you tell us a fun anecdote about your wedding?
It’s all about the pre-wedding events in the morning. This is the traditional Chinese style on the wedding day morning. In order to pick up the bride before the wedding bridesmaids received many red pockets from the groomsmen and they also planned funny games the groom groups.


6. Did everything go as you dreamt it or planned it? Or did something unexpected happened?
Everything was prefect and just as I dreamt it! Thanks to Galia Lahav and many thanks to Mr Sharon!!! Love you all!!



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