Bride of the Day: Hayley


Our Bride of the Day is Hayley Cooper, the experience she had as a Galia Bride warms our heart. Creating a personal connection with our brides is one important aspect we love to have, it makes everything so much more fun!

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It was always my dream to be a Galia Girl, but after speaking to a million friends who had just wed, their advice was all the same – shop around and never buy the first one you try! So I made lots of appointments at all different bridal boutiques up and down the UK, however Browns Bride was the one I was most excited about, and therefore my first stop. When I arrived I had butterflies walking through the showroom of gorgeous gowns. My endless Instagram research had already taught me that the Loretta was number one of my wishlist. Therefore, this was the first wedding dress I tried.

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The feeling I had when I first put it on was priceless and I knew there and then that no other dress would even come close to this. The look on my mum and sister’s face said it all. Having made various other appointments, and just to be safe and make sure I was making the right decision, I trekked around London to several other boutiques to explore all options – which were all beautiful – but I just knew I was a Galia Girl at heart. Browns Bride close at 6pm so at 5:45pm we made a mad rush across central London to burst through their doors and screamed ‘yes to the dress’ at the top of our voices (the champagne upon arrival may have added to this too!). That’s where my bridal gown journey began and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

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I met Dave while visiting Dubai to see my sister who lived there. She was always trying to set us both up but we put our flirtacious ways down to harmless banter. I then decided to move to Dubai permanently to be nearer to my sister and enjoy all-year-round-sun, where Dave and I became closer. I realised we were super compatible when we discovered that we have everything in common – we love the same foods, have a passion for travelling, are complete adrenaline junkies and are both super chilled and laid back. Soon after we went on a family trip to Thailand where he unexpectedly proposed to me under the sea during a scuba diving trip – in front of our parents and my sister. We caught the whole thing on camera and I get to re-live that picture-perfect moment every time I watch the video!

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There we so many! One of my friends told me the best tip about your wedding day: to schedule in even just 10 minutes alone time with your husband to escape the craziness and take it all in. While everyone took their seats for the reception, Dave and I had a quick 5 minute quiet time, finished off with a shot of tequila ahead of our big entrance as husband and wife. It was really the best advice anyone had ever given me.
Another highlight is having my dad walk me down the aisle, and seeing all my loved ones faces looking back at me. I never thought I would be able to rally up all my life-long friends, family, support systems and relatives from near and far who have really contributed to my life – and who made my day perfect.

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My sister stood up and said a poem as a surprise – I had no idea she was going to say anything and all of a sudden she grabbed the microphone and reeled of a poem which made us laugh and cry. Plus, we had the hashtag #DoItLikeADodson which Dave’s usher managed to make into a rap and had the band sing for us towards the end of the night – I can still hear the ringing in my ears from that rap!

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Everything was perfect and I really believe that I had one of the most incredible wedding dress experiences of anyone I’ve spoken to. They made me feel welcome, beautiful, answered all my questions, and most importantly they made my dream come true by having my gown illustrated live by the Galia Lahav designer during one of my fittings. Memories I will cherish forever and I couldn’t be more proud to say I am a Galia Girl!