Bride of the Day: Gisele


Our marvelous bride of the day goes to Gisele Grayson, with so much edge and beauty she is such an inspiring bride, the story of each bride fills our hearts and the hearts of others, and hearing your story has definitely done so to us, thanks for being a Galia Lahav bride and thanks for being absolutely incredible!


I was browsing online and the first thing that came to my mind looking for the perfect dress was I wanted to be a different bride – I didn’t want my dress to be traditional I wanted “unique” with a touch of class. When browsing through wedding shops, I came across Bridal Reflections in New York City who had The Antonia dress on their Facebook page. It literally was the first dress I’d seen that was part of your new collection at that time. Seeing the design with the detailing on the dress I instantly knew it was for me, it exactly matched my personality. As soon as I tried it on tears began to fall! The sample dress fitted perfectly as if it was telling me it was the one for me! It exactly what i was looking for – we were destined for each other just like my husband and I.


We met during New york fashion week in March 2014 – one of the busiest times in New york city. We met in a crowded roof top bar and as we instantly locked eyes he walked over and said hello. After a few cocktails we exchanged contact information and we set up our first date on top of the Viceroy hotel the next day. It was literally love at first sight. We had a connection I have never felt and knew right then that we were the perfect match – as if the universe had brought us together.


Highlights were everywhere – from the ceremony where our celebrant didn’t just unite our marriage but told our love story, to the reception,which was was like a ball from a fairytale. The venue at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris was everything a girl could of dreamt her wedding to be. The atmosphere was spectacular…

My husband’s 72 year old Mother out jumped all the bridesmaids to catch the bride’s bouquet!!!​


The staff at the Bridal Reflections NYC 5th ave store were amazing. They made the whole process from the fittings to getting my dress safely to Paris perfect and worry free. The emotional connection I had with the Antonia dress was like falling in love. I literally fell in love with the dress and the staff could see it in my eyes. They were also moved by my emotions…


The Bride: IG @TheMademoiSELE
The Photographer: Paris Photographer Pierre Torset
The Venue: IG @shangrilaparis