Bride of the Day: Ana


Galia Lahav’s bride of the day is Ana Du! How lovely to see such a beautiful bride in an extravagant gown, Ana wore the Crystal gown from the Les Reves Bohemian Collection and wore the Abby Skirt to maximize the luxurious gown to a fuller presence. Ana’s story and wedding photos are an inspiration to future brides to be, from the opulent gown to the exorbitant setting. Thank you Ana for being our bride of the day!


The most revealing experience for me was that choosing a wedding dress is very different from other gowns – you can never imagine yourself in a wedding dress before you actually try it on. Every woman knows what fits her body, but these rules never apply to wedding dresses. I remember that I tried a few before finding my dress, but when I came out in my Crystal gown and tried on the overskirt, I knew that I found THE perfect dress. I chose the one dress which seemed to be a very unexpected choice at first as I could have never imagined myself in a very non-traditional dress with a split in the front and a removable overskirt. But the dress fit me perfectly. I felt very feminine, sexy, and elegant at the same time. The embroidery of the dress and the overskirt lace were so unique and exquisite, that I instantly knew I did not want to try anything else.


We both studied in St. Gallen, Switzerland and first saw each other in the library. Initially, we only had eye contact and nobody was brave enough to break the ice. A few months later, my husband had already graduated and moved to Zurich for work, but came back to St. Gallen just for one day. At a party on that particular day, we got properly introduced to each other and then started dating right after that. After having been together for a few months, one of my best friends asked me whether I could imagine marrying him one day; it was the first time I thought about it and I said ‘If everything stays exactly the same as it is right now, I will marry him!’. You know the end of the story J


We had a secular ceremony, which included personal messages in addition to traditional vows. My husband’s speech was so emotional, heartfelt and touching, that we both started crying (along with family members and many guests). He took the love confession to a different level, talked about my qualities and how he felt he became a better person since the day we first met, which made me feel very special and so grateful for being married to him.


My younger brother was my ring bearer, and with all guests watching him walk the aisle and him being generally quite shy and emotional, he was so overwhelmed and forgot his key duty! He was supposed to come up on stage and stay with the ring cushion in front of my husband and me. Instead, he walked to the front and left the ring cushion with the rings on the floor and went back to his seat! Everyone then started clapping and encouraged him to come back to the stage. He eventually walked back and perfectly held the ring cushion during our ring exchange!


When I first met a representative of your design house, I was visiting Galia Lahav’s trunkshow at Bloomfeld in Amsterdam. She was extremely helpful when advising on fits and designs and when taking my measures, however, what stroke and impressed me most was how tailor-made all the designs were. I never realised that I could change the neckline, back and even the colour of the chosen wedding dress to fit my body and skin tone in the most perfect way. Thank you for making my dream dress come true!