Bride of the Day: Amanda


Our Bride of the Day is beautiful Amanda Hudes, who is the Founder of Smiling Through Chaos, a full-service event planner and coaching business. Amanda who wore incredibly our GALA 612 and looked absolutely amazing! Amanda’s story is quite inspiring and motivating! We are so happy to have such a warm hearted generous bride.

option 7

The bridal shop was Bridal Reflections in NYC. I had actually met with the designer at a trunk show there and he helped me decide! I was deciding between this one and a more romantic, less dramatic dress. He said I looked like I should be on the cover of “Vogue” in this dress, and being that fashion has always been my thing, of course this one! 🙂 I have admired his work for so long, and it was such a pleasure meeting him and receiving his direct opinion.
As a wedding planner, I know there are many dress options out there. I am not one to pick an ordinary dress, even thinking “red” or “floral” as an option, but I still wanted to look like a bride. I knew I wanted a sleek, form-fitted gown with long sleeves. I had been drawn to dress options with a deep V in the front, and I always love a dress that shows the back (as long as there is support in the chest area). I knew this was IT.
I spoke to the staff at the venue last week and they said everyone is STILL talking about my dress. I have received so many compliments on it, how unique it is and how amazing I looked in it!

This is my second marriage, and I definitely wanted to make sure everything about the wedding was different from the first. I had finally found “my person” and I couldn’t wait to marry him. Now, as my husband, I feel so excited to be able to help so many others have as special a day as I had. Between the amazing man, gorgeous dress and headpiece, beautiful flowers and venue, best friends and family, and photography and video to capture every moment, it could not have been better. We had an intimate wedding, about 60 people, and everyone there was so special to us. We wish we could’ve invited all of our family of course, but the intimate setting created an environment of closeness and positivity.

option 4

I met my husband the usual way these days, online! Our first date was at an outdoor brunch spot with jazz, which he had thoughtfully planned, and then we went for a walk and stopped at a bench where we shared everything about us, something neither of us would normally do! We knew that we had a special connection that day, and a man stopped by us and told us we were going to end up married. Less than 9 months later, he sat me on that same bench and asked me to marry him. And 3.5 months later, we were married, one year after we had met almost to the day!

option 1

My husband is so thoughtful, supportive, caring, generous and moral. He is an amazing father to his 2 girls, and I knew he would be amazing with my son as well, which he showed the first time he met him. The kids quickly became best friends and we did as well. We had both previously been married and we knew what we did not want in a partner, and we also appreciated the good in each other. I can look into his eyes and feel warmth, love and strength. We have fun together no matter what we are doing, and I know we will still be best friends and so in love 100 years from now. Even our “first dance” at our wedding proved that. We decided to start it out slow and then did a lip-sync dance to each other and had a blast.

Photography: Ricky Restiano
Wedding Planner: Amanda Hudes, Founder of Smiling Through Chaos
Location: The Paramount in New City, NY
Florist: Dramatic Innovations
Video: Dideo
Headpiece: The Yellow Peony