Bride of the Day: Sarah


Galia Lahav’s spectacular bride of the day is Sarah De Winter! Showing extreme emotion and passion in being a Galia Lahav bride, Sarah wore the Augusta gown for the La Dolce Vita collection and was just jaw dropping! Sarah step by step took us for a ride from the minute she found the dress to the ceremony, we couldn’t have felt more excited of being part of this journey, especially actually feeling as if we were there. Our emotions and love for each one of our brides exists in the presence of our gowns on our Galia Lahav brides.

Wedding weekend at Casa La Siesta, Cadiz – 13th of May until 16th of May 2016

My beloved husband Dennis and I met on our holiday in Spain in the year 2001. So for us, this was obviously the ultimate excuse to get married in Spain instead of the cold Netherlands!
After a extremely romantic engagement in the Seychelles in July 2014, my first step was (of course) finding THE DRESS! Finally I could start my search for the wedding dress I always dreamed of.
After a lot of research on the internet, I found the gowns of Galia Lahav, I immediately knew that these gowns would be everything that I ever wanted. High-class and sexy! I signed up for the trunk show at Bloomfeld. After fitting some of the most beautiful dresses, there was my dream dress; Augusta from the La Dolce Vita collection!


fitting 2

Fitting at Bloomfeld

So, now that I bought this extravagant wedding gown, how do we find a location that fits the perfect dress?! This gown needs a location with complimentary class and style! After visiting many wedding venues throughout Spain, we arrived at Casa La Siesta, a beautiful, rural and luxury boutique hotel, hidden in Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz (the South of Spain).
When we arrived at the venue we immediately knew; this is the perfect location where our wedding should take place and where everyone could stay overnight to make it the most memorable weekend.


Our wedding day was on the 14th of May 2016. And WOW, with all our loved ones around us (31 people), it was the most indescribable, emotional and romantic day of my life!





SARAH-DENNIS-105-2 kopie


We had a wonderful, romantic rose ceremony, in the flower gardens of Casa La Siesta. The pictures below show you how emotional it was! My husband gave me the most beautiful speech and there were a lot of happy tears!

SARAH-DENNIS-145 kopie





And WOOPS! I forgot the bouquet and he forgot the rings!! It was very funny!


SARAH-DENNIS-217 kopie

After the ceremony and toast we had lunch at restaurant Las Delicias in Vejer. Of course after the lunch we wanted to take some nice pictures in this little town Vejer de la Frontera. Vejer is one of the most beautiful white villages of Andalusia and the dress fitted perfectly in the area. Our photographer, Cesc Giralt from Barcelona, photographed us throughout the day, the pictures have become real pieces of art for us.







In the evening we had a magnificent dinner at our wedding venue at sundown. After all the lovely food and emotional speeches we had our opening dance and of course a big party with DJ!




I especially want to thank Galia Lahav and Bloomfeld for the gown of my dreams. I would also like to thank Casa La Siesta for a memorable stay, Michael & Giso for the perfect suit of my husband, Cesc Giralt our photographer, Las Delicious for the 6 course lunch, Cotton Candy for the decoration and Liz Wilkinson for the perfect and beautiful rose ceremony!
Lots of love,
Sarah Haanskorf – de Winter from the Netherlands