Bride of the Day: Leah


Galia Lahav’s bride of the day is Leah Walsh, astonishing bride with such class and chic, looking incredible in the Tullia gown, which wrapped up her beauty with french lace along her arms and through the side of her body. Delicate and beautiful is the bride and so her gown. It is a pleasure to be an inspiring part of our brides special day and for that we thank each and everyone of our brides.

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I knew before I even started looking for a dress what kind of style/shape I was going to be looking for, and that I would think would suit my body shape best. I really loved the idea of backless and long sleeved so browsed through Pinterest to see what I could find. I soon saw Galia Lahav’s beautiful creations, so booked myself in for their trunk show at Brown’s Bride in London, and i’m so happy I did! From start to finish the staff at Brown’s Bride were fantastic, ready to help and listen to my ideas of the right dress! I tried a few dresses to see how they would feel, but had an eye on my dress from the minute I walked in the shop! I’m not the girliest of girls so knew I would want a dress that would make me feel more screen siren old Hollywood than fairytale princess, and my dress did just that 🙂

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My husband and I both grew up in Dubai and went to the same school although seperate years apart. We were always aware of each other, would bump into each other when out with mutual friends but due to other relationships etc never thought too much into it. One day though when I was celebrating my friends engagement with her, we bumped into each other and from that day have been completely in love! I only found out later that he would make a comment about me constantly to a mutual friend of ours, I had no idea he was even interested!

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It’s probably the most obvious Answer, but walking down the aisle and seeing Nick waiting for me at the end with the biggest smile on his face, and so much love around us, that was the best feeling in the world. I think also to see my vision of the wedding that I had been planning for so long actually in reality, how perfectly my wedding decorator had captured my vision and how beautiful it was, it really was perfect!

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We had people from all over the world come to celebrate our wedding with us, as far as Canada, Australia, you name it! For us it was so lovely to see so many people we love in one room together, all bonding and forming new friendships of their own! By the end everyone was all partying together and now all meeting up all over the world! That made us really, really happy

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I am so, so happy with the team at Galia Lahav and how well I was looked after! They did such a beautiful job, it was first class service from beginning to end! I really can’t fault them for their precision and professionalism, beautiful work from a beautiful designer 🙂 thank you!

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