Bride of the Day: JoLynn


Galia Lahav’s bride of the day is the amazing JoLynn Cavalier whom wore the Fiona gown and looked absolutely incredible with her elegance and classy look. We definitely understand why she chose the Fiona dress which matches perfectly her fun, outgoing, and excited personality. It is a pleasure being part of such a special moment in your life! Congrats to you and your husband!


The Fiona was the first dress I tried on and I absolutely fell in love! The attention to detail with the Galia dresses is like no other dress designer out there. The dresses are very sexy and figure flattering, but because the materials are so rich, they look so classy and elegant. The train is jaw dropping. After trying on the Fiona, along with Galia’s other dresses, there was no way any other dress would stack up. The Galia’s were like test driving a Bently or Ferrari. Trying on any other dress after that was like test driving a Kia. Absolutely no comparison!

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I was working for a spine hardware company and I was attending a spine conference where my husband, who’s a spine surgeon, happened to be speaking. We saw each other after his talk and chatted a little and then we had our first date soon after. I knew he was the one after our trip down to Louisiana to meet my family and then up to Michigan to meet his family. It was one long trip, but I just KNEW after that! He’s just perfect for me!


Seeing him as I was coming down the aisle and saying our vows to each other. We wanted to write our own and I thought it was a great idea until right before the wedding. I started to have anxiety about them lol. But they turned out perfect! It was a really special moment about our day that I’ll never forget and I’m really glad we wrote them.


We ended up cutting the cake really late in the evening and by that point, everyone was pretty tipsy. Someone yelled “Get nasty with it,” as we were feeding each other cake. My husband ended up throwing the entire cake at him and our guests. First it was just a chunk out of my top layer, and then the whole top layer went, and then the other 3 layers and then even the groom’s cake. All of our guests were covered in cake. It was pretty funny. Our dance floor was over a pool so we all jumped in the pool to wash off. But I changed first. Don’t worry! I was not about to jump in the pool that dress lol. So much fun!

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