Bride of the Day: Jessica


Galia Lahav’s bride of the day is Jessica Prizio, whom had her wedding at such a honeymoon location, Aruba, wearing the astounding Blossom gown from the Les Revs Bohemian Collection. It is always inspiring and heartwarming to hear our Galia Lahav brides experience from before the engagement to after their wedding day. Jessica and her husband have a beautiful story worth the read, which can inspire many brides to be. Congrats to the Amazing Prizio newlyweds!

Since about 6 years ago, I always said “if i ever get married I want to at least try on a Galia Lahav dress”. SO, once I got engaged, I booked an appointment with bridal reflections in NYC and drove there from Boston. The blossom gown was the first dress I tried on and I loved it but felt like I needed to try on more than just one. I only tried on Galia Lahav dresses, no other brands. I loved every single one of them but there was something about the blossom dress that made me love it the most. When I tried it on, the sample fit like a glove. The fitted design helped accentuate the small curves that I have.

My husband and I grew up 2 houses apart from each other. We played together everyday as kids and lost touch when we both moved out of town around the age of 12. We met up again at age 25 and never left each others side! I knew he was the one because he treats me like a queen and would do anything for me.

The whole day was a highlight. You envision this day for months/years and then it just comes and goes. We got married on flamingo beach in aruba so there are some flamingos in our pictures which I love! We also had sparklers shoot up from the dance floor during out first dance.

My wedding day was a blast. I literally danced from the second I was done eating until the very last song. I made sure to enjoy every second of my wedding.

They were amazing! I only had to deal with them on a couple occasions but every time was always great. They were so helpful and had answers to every question.