Bride of the Day: Chelsea


Galia Lahav’s bride of the day is Chelsea Chudolij, an outrageous bride who took the Loretta gown to another level of classiness and exemplified the definition of bridal perfection. Chelsea’s story is inspiring, from the moment she was introduced to her husband to the second they got married and until this day. It is always so exciting to hear about bridal experiencing and it is a pleasure to hear about Chelsea’s story. Congrats to the two newlyweds!


Jordan and I first met while I was in an accelerated nursing program. I didn’t have time to eat 3 meals a day, let alone date! However, one of Jordan’s patients raved about how great of a nanny I was to her granddaughter and that I would be perfect for Jordan, but I was not physically close at all to Jordan. Jordan was in Massachusetts and I was in upstate New York. For about 4 weeks all we did was talk on the phone for about 3 to 4 hours each night. Finally, we went on a date during one of my weekend trips home and the rest is history!


After 16 months of dating I had just passed my nursing boards and we had a huge weekend planned to go to New York City for my Nana’s birthday. With much planning and the fact that I was so distracted hunting for jobs, Jordan and I were suddenly at the airport in NYC. Jordan let out the surprise that we were never going to NYC to begin with and instead, he and I were off to Paris for the weekend! He continuously kept saying that this was a huge surprise for passing my nursing boards and that he was so proud of me. Walking around Paris landed us at the locks of love bridge where Jordan got down on his knee and proposed! I was SHOCKED and obviously said yes!


We wanted to enjoy our time being engaged so we made our wedding date for a year and a half after the proposal. Although Boston isn’t where Jordan grew up, it was where we shared a lot of memories, so we definitely wanted our venue to be in the city. The Taj hotel overlooks the Boston commons, is located on Newbury street (the heart of shopping), and is pretty much in the heart of the beautiful city, so we had no hesitation when booking our big day that the gorgeous hotel.


I’ve never been one of those girls who has been planning their wedding since she was little. It was overwhelming to me to think of all the details that go into planning this big day… Especially picking the right gown. One of my bridesmaids, Maddy, showed me a Galia gown on Pinterest and I immediately knew I had at least found the designer of my future wedding gown. I was obsessed with the open backs, the skeleton buttons going down the spines of the models, and of course, all of the details of the lace and beading! When I booked an appointment at Bridal Reflections on 5 th Ave. in NYC I was super excited but still nervous, especially because it was a date with a trunk show happening. After trying on multiple gowns that felt absolutely amazing I tried on the Loretta. Sharon, the designer, came up to me and was so kind to tell me that the gown was “it”. With my mom, nana, and Sharon’s opinion helping, I said “yes to the dress”! The best part (that I couldn’t wait to show Jordan on the wedding day) was when Sharon offered to put my initials with Jordan’s into the bottom of the veil! Everyone at the bridal salon was SUPER helpful and I could not have asked for a more personable and one on one experience with each person working there.

When it came time for the fittings closer to the wedding day I was really nervous because of all the measurements they took to custom make the gown. The minute they zipped up the side I was ecstatic that it fit! The last fitting was probably the best because the tulle was all steamed out and the dress was the right length. I think every bride is nervous about the way they look in their wedding dress, but I never felt more confident the day of the wedding. After SO many sessions at Barrys Bootcamp (a true sweat your butt off workout) months beforehand and going every day the week of the wedding, I felt like such a princess with the gown on. I was so calm the entire day of the wedding. A year and a half led up to this one day and there was no turning back! If something last minute happened to fail… I couldn’t do anything about it and I was so at peace with that. So many consults, emails, texts, and phone calls had been made discussing this day and I was so confident all my vendors had the image I was going for to make my vision perfect. My wedding planner, Amber, was super helpful. I don’t know how I would’ve done any of this without her because she was thinking of every single detail possible!


I think my favorite part of the entire wedding day was coming down the aisle. I walked down to Ed Sheeran’s song “Kiss Me” and Jordan was absolutely sobbing! It was a perfect reaction and I’m so happy we didn’t do a “first look” before the ceremony. His reaction was exactly what every bride wants as her future husband sees her dress for the first time and Jordan’s reaction was definitely on point. I was laughing and crying as I came down the aisle full of flower petals. I couldn’t wait to start my vows and to hear his. I think we both breathed a sigh of relief when they were all over and the rest of the night was so perfect. I felt like I was on cloud 9 the entire night and I don’t think I would have changed a thing. We both could not get over how gorgeous the flowers were! I felt like we were in a garden with all the petals going down the aisle, the arch of roses above us during our vows, and all the high and low centerpiece say the tables. Not only did everything look absolutely gorgeous, but we also had such great friends and family supporting us by being there. Honestly, we could not have been more thankful for them taking the time to spend their day with us. The day after we woke up and we were still in shock that our day was over and that it was perfect. Jordan and I both agreed that we would easily go through all the stress of planning all over just so we could have another perfect day!!


From start to finish the day was relaxed and so much fun. Although the process of planning the wedding didn’t go smoothly all the time, we still had fun and trusted our vendors with our vision. I’ve recommended Bridal Reflections to so many people who have reached out to me about my gown and veil. I hope I made the designer proud because I could not have been more comfortable or felt more like a queen in my wedding gown!!! Now if only I could wear gowns like that more often, THAT would be a dream come true haha.


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