Bride of the Day: Brittany


The Bride of the Day is Brittany Kleiman, a stunning bride who takes our breath away! Being a bride is not only about the dress it is about the passion and experience of the whole day! A bride is not only a title it is a position! A position to inspire and feel the beauty of love from all. Congrats to the amazing Brittany and her Husband on their lovely wedding day!

I must have visited at least 7 different bridal stores. All the gowns were beautiful, but there was something different about the entire atmosphere at Galia Lahav. I loved the attention to detail, and how everyone I worked with knew exactly what needed to be done and how to do it. I felt full confidence from every person I worked with, which was so important.

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Mickey is the most kind, loving, caring, compassionate, sensitive, expressive, HANDSOME man I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Since we had already known each other when we reconnected, he sat me down after about a month and we had a real time talk. He explained that he wasn’t looking for a fling and he felt he had found the “real thing” with me. He asked me to take a few days and to consider whether or not I felt the same way before moving forward. If it didn’t work out, then that would be okay, but as least we went in with the same intentions. It took me less than 24 hours before I called him to say that I knew this was a moment I could never pass. We gave it a shot – and it was the shot of a lifetime!


There were two highlights (amongst many) – One was definitely the moment we first saw each other dressed up. I was standing there in anticipation looking at a stunning view of the Mediterranean and my heart was pounding. He tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around I saw the man I had fallen in love with countless times since we first saw eachother again two years ago. The second was the moment my parents left me on the aisle and I saw him walking towards me. I couldn’t help but smile, laugh, and just stood there, nodding my head “YES” until he came to me, placed a kiss on my forehead, and covered me with the veil.

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We were almost 2 hours late to our own wedding! The cocktail hour was planned to begin at 7pm, so I wanted to arrive around 5pm. We got there at 7:15pm, the same time as most of our guests! We fought the whole way there, and then cried in each other’s arms, apologized a hundred times for letting the stress get to us, and then had the best night of our lives.


I cannot explain how amazing the entire Galia Lahav team was during my entire experience. I had a meltdown 2 weeks before the event, and ended up changing my dress. The original was stunning but for some reason (STRESS) I doubted my decision. Galia and Rina were so completely understanding when I told them I wanted to make a change. They found me the most gorgeous gown. I felt like a billion dollars the entire night. I will remember the way I felt in this dress for the rest of my life.

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Photo credit: Yaniv Sofer Photography
hair and makeup : Mati Boker
Instagram : bk_funkyfresh