Our Bride of the Day: Basia


Galia Lahav’s bride of the day is Basia Bubel, an inspiring NYC Bride whom looked FAB in her amazing Blossom gown and put her amazing beauty into it, flourishing with love on her wedding day! It is outrageous to hear about the stories of our brides from the proposal to the wedding day, it excited us and brings about sincere happiness to our hearts. Thank you amazing Basia for being so beautiful inside and out!

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I went to many different bridal stores and tried on many dresses. I thought all the dresses i tried on her fine but i didn’t love any of them. I called Bridal Reflections in NYC on a Saturday morning in October to see if they had any last minute cancellations and could squeeze me in. Christina, the manager, asked me when I could come in and she squeezed me in in the afternoon. I tried on 1 or 2 dresses and then Frances, who was working with me from the Salon, brought me the Blossom gown. As soon as i put it on, i was in love with the dress. I didn’t think i would ever have “that” feeling with a dress but i sure did with this gown. It fit perfectly, had unique detail all over and was everything i wanted (low open back, long train and detail). I felt like a queen in the dress and felt very special 🙂

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We met through a mutual friend in NYC in 2011. We were both in graduate school at the time and had 1 mutual friend. Although we met in January of 2011, we didn’t hit it off until April of that year.
Mike surprised me with a proposal in Paris. I joined him on a work trip in June 2014. He took me to a very nice dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower and proposed outside on the observation deck. He also hired a photographer to capture the moment and to take photos of us around Paris the next day.

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Tell us a fun anecdote that happened on your wedding day. Mike and I call each other “bears”. It’s a cute way we express our love for each other. About a year ago we got an idea to dress up in bear costumes at the wedding and do a dance to the Party Rock Anthem (similar to the hamsters in the KIA commercial). The dance was so much fun and a surprise for all guests. I’m attaching photos of us in the bear costumes.

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Where did you buy your gown from and how was the experience? Bridal Reflections in NYC. Frances and Christina helped me with my gown selection and were wonderful to work with.

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Hoffer Photography https://www.hofferphotography.com/