Bridal Market 2015 Recap


October 9, 2015 was a night to remember! It was a night of glamour and couture. We were honored by the turn-out as we hosted some of our favorite magazines and stylists in the fashion world. We released our new collections at the Public Library in New York. During this show we surprised our guests with a very special new ready-to-wear bridal collection, GALA which is highlighted through the photos. GALA is Galia’s first ever line that comes in set sizes and it was such a delight to finally share it with the public!

Our much anticipated Haute Couture collection, Ivory Tower was also the spotlight of the night! It is our captivating collection made from the most fantastic fabric combination, exuding elegance and luxury in every stitch. Ivory Tower is inspired by gothic architecture and our favorite elements from medieval wardrobe.

Below are behind the scene photos and photos from our favorite parts of the night. Have a look and enjoy!

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