10 Questions with our Bride: Anna


1. What was the deciding factor when it came to picking out your gown?
Well truth be told, I went to a Galia Lahav trunk show and literally fell in love with every single dress. They were all so beautifully made and were exactly what I was looking for. We were doing an elegant, beach chic wedding and I had the dress in my mind that I wanted. I thought I would just know when I found it. The problem is, galia lahav makes too many amazing dresses! 🙂 I first fell in love with the “Nicole” dress. I thought that was the one until they brought out the “Jasmine”. It absolutely took my breath away. However, the Nicole was still in the running. I literally changed back and forth between the two about 15 times… No exaggeration. I emailed my bridesmaids the various photos and they were even split down the middle. I only had one option… I had to call my fiancé. He grudgingly came into the bridal shop believing it was sac religious to see me in the dress. (There is another story here how I had to convince him but I won’t bore you!)

When he saw me in the Jasmine dress I saw it on his face. He knew it was the one and I knew it too. That was when I knew I found my dress! You guys don’t make it easy to chose just one! 🙂

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2. What were you looking for with your dress?

I really wanted something backless, form fitted, sexy and elegant that would suit a wedding on the beach. I wanted a dress that was completely unique and unlike anyone had ever seen. Galia Lahav delivered that and so much more.

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3. How did you meet your husband?

I was waitressing to put myself through college and he came into my restaurant one night with a group of his friends. (He actually had a date with him that evening!) When I first saw him, I felt this overwhelming feeling that I knew him already. It felt like we were old best friends but the encounter was very cordial and professional. I kept running into him everywhere over the next couple of months. He finally heard I was going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for my 21st birthday and he mysteriously had a trip planned “the same weekend.” Ten years later, the rest is history.

4. How did you know he was the one?
I knew he was the one from the moment I saw him. The connection between us was powerful and felt almost from another world. I knew he was my soul mate. We had found each other.

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5. How did he propose to you?

This is a very long story but I will do my best to summarize!

Our first trip together was to New York. So he decided to plan a trip out there because he had some “work” to do. What he really did was plan an entire fake day in the city for me leading up to the engagement. From the moment I woke up, every person I interacted with was an actor which lead me to the next part of my day. I had NO idea I was being set up and I literally played into every scenario perfectly. (That’s how well he knows me!) Throughout the day we ended up at all the places we went to on our first trip together. I was absolutely clueless to what was going on. I just kept saying, “today has been so weird! Don’t you think it’s been a strange day today? I meant look at the sequence of events!” At the end of the day we ended up at the Oak Room, which is a historical restaurant and bar near Central Park. All of a sudden, the actors started coming forward one by one saying, “hey didn’t I see you at such and such place? Weren’t you the girl I met at blah blah blah.” The final actor came out and said “hey weren’t you the girl that got proposed to today?” And there was my husband on one knee with the ring box open. I was so shocked I couldn’t even speak. I don’t know if I was more surprised that I was set up all day or that I was being proposed to! Obviously I said yes and we celebrated our engagement with a fun filled week in the city.

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6. What was your vision for the wedding?

We wanted to do our wedding some place that meant something special to us. We wanted it to be an experience not just a one night affair. We decided to do a destination wedding which allowed us to plan a series of events. We had 5 events over a 5 day period.

My only real vision was that I wanted to take over an entire hotel so it felt like our guests were staying in one big house. It ended up giving our guests a chance to connect and bond. By the end of the week so many friendship were made! Everyone felt like family. It was so special to see!

Once we locked in the destination, all the pieces kind of came together one by one. We had ideas in our head about what an “elegant, beach chic” wedding would look like but it was a very fluid process. We worked with a local wedding planner who was always very honest and helpful determining what would work and what wouldn’t given we were on an island.

So I suppose to sum up the vision, we imagined 160 of our closest friends and family, bonding together over love, fun, laughter, and craziness in a beautiful, magical location.

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7. Where did you get married?
St. Barth, French West Indies
This was the first place we traveled to internationally together. We fell in love with the island and try to go as often as we can. We call it our heaven on earth. It is truly a special place

8. Any funny stories that led up to the wedding or happened during the wedding?

Oh my gosh, I don’t even know where to begin! Too many to tell. Many of which may be incriminating 😉 let’s just say that one of the groomsmen took it upon himself to MC our wedding festivities. Every day he handed out MVP hats to the best of the best from the party the night before. Everyone was trying to get an MVP hat and was on their A game. It was quite the honor to receive the award! It brought out complete shenanigans in everyone.

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9. What was the highlight of your special day?
There are 2 moments that stick out.

Our first pet as a couple is our turtle named PJ. We later learned that in Feng Shui, a turtle symbolizes positive energy and protection. So we’ve always loved turtles and have given each other silly turtle gifts throughout our relationship. When we did our first look on our wedding day I was trembling with emotion as I started walking toward my husband. When we finally saw each other we both burst in to tears and were telling each other how much we loved each other. Then my husband grabs my hand and says, “Anna, look.” A turtle was cruising by us randomly at that exact moment. It was such a special moment!!

The second moment is, after one of the speeches at the wedding dinner, our Dj played a clip of Wonderwall by Oasis. All of our guests stood up, got on their chairs and started singing the words completely impromptu. I looked at my husband with tears strolling down my face, surrounded by so much love, listening to all of our friends singing out loud, “I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do, about you now.” I’m tearing up just remembering and feeling that moment! It was incredible.

10. What’s next?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes….. 🙂