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The ocean inspires wonder. From the sea emerges Botticelli’s Venus, a vision of feminine beauty; ancient tales told of mythical Sirens, whose spellbinding songs and mesmerising beauty would lure mariners to their deaths; Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale fantasy about a little mermaid became a world-famous love story. Even the enchanting pearl: once just a tiny piece of grit, cultivated into a precious gemstone. 

It’s from this wonder that designers Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever have taken inspiration for the GALA IX Collection. Below, we explore the themes and motifs that came together in this treasured collection and how they’ve been captured in the gowns.


G-411-side G-411

GALA IX was created with the innate purity of our blue planet in mind. Understated beading, pared-back silhouettes and lightweight fabrics define the collection, allowing the bride’s intrinsic elegance to shine.


G-402 G-402

Sparkling embroidery evokes the sun’s sparkling reflection on the ocean’s surface; silver fabrics recall the mystical sheen of a pearl; layers and layers of soft silk tulles flow across the body like water; netting and embroidery call to mind ripples, intricate seaweed and complex coral reefs.


G-406 G-406

The GALA IX Collection is made for (much like the Little Mermaid herself) free-spirited, adventure-loving women who live for life. Ariel was of course a princess, so these dresses are designed to make their wearer feel like royalty. Soft A-line silhouettes and barely-there ballgowns cater to the non-girly bride without compromising on a regal aesthetic.


G-410-mid G-410

Romance, mysticism and awe… These feelings are central to our relationship with the sea. Admiring its immensity, depth and power; its preeminence – covering two-thirds of the world. There is a spirituality in connecting with this force of nature. #GLBrides who wear a gown from the GALA IX collection are lovers of the natural world.

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Lauren Hepburn | October 5, 2019

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