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Couture & Gala

Bridal Trunk Show in der Brautblüte, Köln

August 25, 2023 → August 27, 2023 | Köln

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August 25, 2023 to August 27, 2023

Liebe werdende Braut,

dies ist deine Chance – sag “YES TO THE DRESS”!

Unsere Trunk Show ist die perfekte Gelegenheit, die neue & noch nie gezeigte Kollektion zu sehen und zu kaufen.

Melden Sie sich jetzt an und erleben Sie die Magie, Ihr Traum-Hochzeitskleid zu finden!

Wählen Sie aus unseren berühmten maßgeschneiderten Brautkleidern, die perfekt zu Ihrem Körper und Ihrem Stil passen.
Mit mehr als 20 unserer Bestseller.

Preise ab 4.200 € für ein luxuriöses, handgefertigtes Kleid von GALA by Galia Lahav.

Buchen Sie Ihren Termin noch heute!
Es wird der schönste Tag vor Ihrer Hochzeit, garantiert!

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    At our GL Flagships you can bring a whole cheer squad – at our certified GL retailers it always depends on their store policies. They will usually notify you and let you know beforehand and you can always give them a ring to make sure!

    Usually, this is your chance to see the newest collection – but it’s always best to reach out to the boutique/retailer – especially if you are looking for a specific gown!

    Typically the cost to sign up varies depending on the boutique/retailer but is somewhere around $50-$100 – If you find your dream dress (we are certain you will) – the fee will be deducted from your purchase!

    We love to spoil you, so once in a while, discounts will be available!

    You will have enough time to take around 20 selfies in each gown – aka 60-90 min per appointment!

    If you are lucky, you get to meet the one & only Galia & Sharon at one of the many trunk shows we have all year round! 

    Sometimes a GL representative may be present at the trunk shows as well!

    If you want the full Galia Lahav experience – Our Flagship stores are our homes abroad! You will have GL experts there, the selection of samples & sizes is bigger, and guess what? You can bring a really big cheer squad with you!

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