Speakeasy Pants


Bronze loose metallic pants with ribbed ankles creating a better fit and the look is completed with a removable silver metallic belt contrasting with the color of the pants.

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Galia Lahav - Night Flare -Neo Jacket Bronze Speakeasy Pants
Galia Lahav - Night Flare - Neo Jacket Bronze Speakeasy Pants



Inspired by the most prestigious nightlife scenes and exclusive urban culture in New York and Japan, this collection delivers a unique experience that stretches the boundaries of our senses. Like looking through a kaleidoscope, where observed objects vary within a slight change of an angle, our collection challenges how a garment should be perceived, only by being present in a certain time and space while being subjected to flashes of lights. In this new era of multi-screens, multi-options of perceptions, platforms for creating a new sense of you, we offer you to take a look, choose your style and dive in.

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