Mini Nola


Asymmetrical low V-neckline metallic mini dress with short sleeves and ruffles on them. The dress has yellow, purple, black and blue straight lines throughout the entire gown. The look is completed with oversized pockets on both sides and an asymmetrical opening on the back, creating the perfect edgy night out look.

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Galia Lahav - Night Flare -Mini Nola



Inspired by the most prestigious nightlife scenes and exclusive urban culture in New York and Japan, this collection delivers a unique experience that stretches the boundaries of our senses. Like looking through a kaleidoscope, where observed objects vary within a slight change of an angle, our collection challenges how a garment should be perceived, only by being present in a certain time and space while being subjected to flashes of lights. In this new era of multi-screens, multi-options of perceptions, platforms for creating a new sense of you, we offer you to take a look, choose your style and dive in.

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