Calgary, Canada

December 02 - 04

trunk show

Dear Bride-to-be,

Do you want you to be a part of an exclusive Galia Lahav Pop-up event?
Register to our event for experiencing the magic of finding your dream wedding gown! Try on our famous GALA wedding gowns for a perfect chic fit to your body and style! About 20 samples in a nearby store.

Price ranges from from $4K-9K$ for a premium made-to-order GALA bridal gown.
Spaces are limited-
Book your appointment today, it’ll be the best day before your wedding day!

Register Now

The Bridal Boutique

A Galia Lahav trunk show is an exlusive event where Galia brings dozens of her top selling and most popular gowns to a store near you. Book your appointment today to be a part of this special experience and try on our captivating bridal dresses during our trunk show. Make your moment special – it's your wedding day!

Dream Every Day

What is a Trunk Show?

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